Welcome to Boating without Owning in West Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

Carefree Boat Club is a private boating club. This means that our boats are only available to members. We do not rent or charter boats in our club. Our members are the only ones with access to our fleet. 

Like most clubs, we charge a one-time initiation fee & monthly membership dues. We do not require contract commitments from our members. We only ask for a 90-day notice of termination. We have a Price Protection Plan that insures your monthly dues do not increase or decrease due to inflation for three years.

No, members have unlimited access to boats. Boat as much as you like. The only limitation is the number of future reservations you can have booked at one time. The number of reservations is not limited during our season (April to October).

Yes, all members receive “On-the-Water” training with a seasoned instructor. Training covers our Carefree Boat Club processes, general navigation, docking, and safety. Members can also request as much additional training as they would like, at no additional cost.

The membership is for two people. Each membership can have a member and a co-member – both need to be over 25 years old. They both can make reservations and check the boats in and out. We also have small business memberships available.

You can reserve a boat through our online reservation system, ResNet. Members may also call or text us any day to request a spur-of-the-moment reservation. If a boat is available, the member can come to take it and it does not count against their future reservations. 

Members may have a maximum of (4) four rolling reservations on the books at any given time, (2) two would be weekend time slots. As soon as a reservation is complete, members can immediately book another one. 

Reservations are for 6 hours. Morning reservations are from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm & afternoon reservations are from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm. You can also use two reservations to double book a boat and it is yours for the entire day (8:00 am – 9:00 pm).

Yes, simply call the dock master of the location. We will tell you what’s available and you can reserve it for “Spur-of-the-Moment” use. Spur-of-the-Moment use does not count as reservations. It is similar to a “walk-on” round of golf.

Carefree Boat Club tracks members vs boats to ensure we do not have too few boats for our members. In addition to our boats, we also have kayaks and paddle boards available.

Choose from walkabouts (aka bowriders), fishing center consoles, tritoons, and kayaks. Sizes vary, most are 24 foot or over. Try a different boat each time you are on the water.

Absolutely, in fact, all boats are inspected daily by the Carefree Boat Club dock staff using a checklist of safety equipment, hull condition, electronics, and general mechanical items.

Carefree Boat Club maintains insurance that covers all of our vessels as well as third-party liability. Members generally are only responsible for paying any deductible that may apply if a boat or part (such as a propeller or provided life jacket) is damaged or lost. This is outlined in detail in the Rights and Responsibilities members sign.

Yes, the boat models are always for sale. If we were to sell a model in the fleet, we would replace it with another similar boat. We would only sell a model if we have something better or comparable to replace it with.

The monthly fee is due year-round. The club is a comparable alternative to ownership. The club takes care of the maintenance, winterization, storage, insurance, and anything else a typical boat owner would take care of in the off-season as well as boat payments. 
One of the best features of the club is reciprocity at over 125+ other Carefree Boat Clubs around the country and internationally. Members are allowed up to 3 reservations at other Carefree Boat Clubs each year.